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Rubbin' in the Mud #1
Running Time 2 hours
A bunch of Eager and Wanton Wallowers!!
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First, Janice and Jenna run their boat out of gas in a remote area. Trying to find a road, they find a different path to fulfillment. Will Janice shut up and sink deep enough to join Jenna in muddy bliss? Tune in and find out! 
Next, the beautiful and very sexy Violet treats us to a wonderful wallow in bubbling grey muck. She starts by rubbing the mud into her lycra shorts before stripping down and succumbing to the ooze. Just before climaxing, she dives forward and treats us to total coverage.  This scene alone is worth the price!
Then, Janice slowly and sexily works her body into thick, squelching creek mud. She speaks to the camera as she methodically strips out of her dress and panties and then plays in the mud with a latex skirt. Although we had to stow the still camera, this scene climaxes in a thunderstorm. Janice and the rain are caught by video in a (truly) thunderous orgasm!
Lastly, Jen experiences some exceptionally enjoyable silty mud. She's got a delightful petite body and a sexually adventurous spirit. Watch as she works herself into multiple orgasms in the mud. 
Yet another scene worth the price of the tape!!
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