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Will I be able to play MPV DVD-R discs?
Almost certainly. Because of the low number of DVD we produce, it is not economically feasible to have normal DVDs mass produced. So we rely on DVD-R (recordable) technology. Virtually all new DVD players and most new DVD ROM drives are compatible with this format. 

Another variable which affects playback compatibility is the brand of media (blank) that is used. I am currently using Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim discs in conjunction with a DVD duplicator and virtually eliminated reported problems.

MPV DVD-R discs are region-free. They can be played everywhere, including Europe and Asia.

If you purchase a DVD-R disc from us and suspect it is defective, we will replace it.

What happens if a DVD-R doesn't work right, or stops working?
DVD-R is not a stable media. In fact, some reports have indicated that this technology should not be considered reliable for data storage beyond four or five years. We recommend copying the files of purchased DVD-R discs to a hard drive. This way, if a disc stops playing properly, it is possible to make another. This does not violate copyright law.

If you purchase a DVD-R from MPV, or through Aquantics, and it stops working properly, contact us and we will replace it - usually without requiring the original returned. If you purchase a MPV DVD-R disc from Messy Fun, and it stops working properly, you may be required to send the disc to MPV in order to receive a replacement. In any case, please contact MPV via email. We don't want folks to be stuck with stuff (we worked so hard on) that won't play.

How long will it take for me to receive my stuff?
I process orders on Tuesdays and send them on Wednesdays. 

Domestic orders are sent by Priority Mail and customers receive their orders on Fridays, sometimes Saturday.  International orders are sent by Air Mail and take 10 to 14 days to arrive on average. Occasionally, orders sent to the EU take as long as three weeks to arrive.

Mud Puddle Visuals does not offer rush (overnight) service.

Does the packaging indicate what is inside?
Absolutely not! Small domestic orders are sent in Priority Mail video boxes. All international orders and large domestic orders are sent in plain padded mailers. In all cases, the return address is:

Dave Lodosky
P.O. Box 2927
Canyon Country, CA 91386

The MPV products inside the packaging feature professional labeling, so once the mailing package is opened, there is no more secret about what is inside. There has been some confusion regarding MPV's policy towards this type of discretion because similar products have been sent to folks with graphics on the mailing package. This was not MPV!

International orders require customs forms. On these forms, the contents are described as "Video" or "DVD" or "Compact Disc" only.

What is an international money order?
MPV only accepts payment is US dollars. If you are unable to use a major credit card (which does the currency conversion automatically), then you will need to purchase an international money order. Most banks and some post offices can supply these. If you use this option, please be sure that the amount is in US dollars and that the note is drawn on a US bank.

Why are the trailers offered using Real Media?
I have tried rendering the trailers and clips using Quicktime and Windows Media but have had the best results with Real Media. While the trailers play very well in this format, it does require Real Player in order to view them. It is possible to download a free version of the player from the Real website, which is here. I would recommend avoiding the download manager feature and clicking around in order to be certain that it is the free player that you are installing. 

I am now using Xvid (mpeg4) rendering technology. If you see a trailer with a .avi extension and it does not play properly, you can try installing the codec located here. Mac users will probably have the best luck using the VLC media player for OSX. It is available here. 

Where do you shoot your videos?
MPV uses both prepared locations and natural locations. The prepared locations are on private property and are abandoned after they are used. All of them, with the exception of Studio 588 (see below), have reverted back their normal (not muddy!) conditions. The natural locations vary from season to season. There is no point in discussing any of these, since the mud conditions change on a weekly basis and it has been over a year since we have used any of them.  Our most recent shooting took place at a prepared location called Studio 588.  It is ready for another season of serious shooting.  If you're interested in doing actual film or video projects - for public or private distribution, go to:

For general location information, please visit: 

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